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DIvi 3.0 WordPress Theme - Customize your wordpress design!It’s official, the latest edition of the Divi WordPress Theme, Divi 3.0, is out.

We all love to tweak and play with out websites to get them looking sharp. Hours and can be spent trying to get just the right look on certain elements and you can end up losing more time then intended.

I’m guilty of this... BIG TIME!

So the Divi Theme has received an upgrade and now has a visual builder which speeds things up so you can perform those changes and create stunning designs very quickly.

So I thought I’d take the time to give you the tour in some videos below!

Please note that there are some affiliate links in this post, if you purchase the Divi Theme after clicking on a link I make a commission.  This is at no cost to you, however, and I would promote this product without the commission, as I do a lot of other software.

What’s really awesome about Divi is that it comes as a part of the full Theme package – 87 WordPress Themes, including Divi, for $69.

Let’s get to it!

If you haven’t seen my tour of Divi 2.0, you can check it out here if you want to and get a deeper look at the Divi Page Builder.

But for now, we’re getting stuck into Divi 3.0!

Video 1 – Introduction / Setting up your Theme Template.

In this video we explore the Divi 3.0 theme options and create a clean and branded design for our WordPress website.

We explore:

  • Changing Your Logo
  • Designing your Header & Navigation
  • Setting colours, fonts and general style

This video is about getting set up and ready to build your pages using Divi, which leads us to video 2.

Video 2 – Creating with the Divi Visual Editor

The second video gets to the fun stuff.

We put together a feature box style ‘Call to Action’ and a row linking out to other areas of the website.

This basically demonstrates how you can create with the Visual builder, see what you’re creating while you’re creating it and then perform various tweaks.

Video 3 – Build with the Page Builder, Tweak with the Visual Builder

This video explores the real strength of the Divi 3 theme – using the page builder to layout all of your elements and page sections in a quick, easy manner an then using the Visual builder to tweak those elements.

This video we finish off the landing page and reveal the final product, create in less than one hour!

More information?

To get more in depth and learn more about Divi, check out the official website here.

As you’ll see from the videos above, there’s a LOT more to this theme than I can show you.  I highly recommend checking Divi out, when I last checked you could try it for free here.  It’s one of my all time favorite customizable Drag’n’Drop WordPress Themes.

Otherwise, if you have questions or things you’d like to see, leave a comment below! Thanks for reading.