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Ok, so you’re savvy enough to create some cool designs and imagery but not really a web designer or have the skill to customize an existing WordPress Theme…

That’s cool, you’re a blogger not a designer.

Getting your website designed to the high standard you hold can be expensive if you hire a professional web designer, and you’ve got some time on your hands – this is where Drag’n’Drop / customizable WordPress Themes come into play.

I’ve tried out many customizable WordPress Themes in my time and needless to say there are some pretty crappy ones out there.  Some complicated, some too simple, some just plain buggy and carry poor performance.

So I compiled this list.

The following WordPress Themes are customizable, have differing levels of complexity and are all solid. They’re the cream of the crop, best customizable themes on the internet that will give you the best bang for your buck. I want to say thoguh, that these are premium themes and a lot of them are affiliate links I earn commission from. All good themes have affiliate programs these days so either way, they’re all solid themes I’d recommend anyway.

So I’ll start with my number 1 pick, which ticks the most boxes and is probably the best choice for most…

Divi Theme

Divi Theme for WordPress

Like I said – this is my top overall pick…

This theme is so flexible and easy to use it’s ridiculous. I use it on most of my blogs and my web design clients’ websites. It’s dead easy to use and even has a 2 different builders.  It’s what the buzz is all about these days in the world WordPress web design.

It has some solid features:

  • Extra Theme Customizer options
  • Drag and drop builder (view my video series here)
  • Visual WYSIWYG builder  (video series here)
  • Divi Builder (Developer Package)
  • Animated Sections
  • Excellent Customer support
  • Very easy to use
  • Fast loading times despite all the features
  • Responsive
  • License – use on as many sites you want – yours or otherwise!
  • Bundled with 87 Themes for $67

If you stopped reading here and used Divi, you would not be disappointed.  Divi is a Theme I rave about.

More Information / Download here

Thesis Theme

Thesis Theme

For the Most Advanced User

The Thesis Theme is perfect for websites with HTML & CSS knowledge and is my personal second choice. I put emphasis on the word ‘personal’ as I am a web designer with CSS and HTML knowledge. That makes this theme perfect for Web Designers and people who are very tech/code savvy – but not the average Joe.

I use this theme for precise layouts because of the open customizable nature of theme.  Because the layouts aren’t bundled up into panels and options like Divi and the other Themes on this list it allows a more advanced user to get really precise with their layouts.

I use Thesis for this website you’re on right now!

But here’s a few points to consider:

  • Customizable for people with knowledge of code
  • Basic ‘Drag n Drop’ Template Builder
  • Very SEO optimized
  • Light-weight & fast loading
  • Responsive
  • License – use on sites you own.  Fees apply for client sites.
  • One of the first and most popular WordPress Themes of all time!
  • Starts at $87

If you need to get precise about your layouts and know CSS or are willing to learn CSS, then this is the perfect theme for you.

More info / Download Thesis Here.

iThemes Builder

iThemes Builder Customizable Theme

Very basic, perfect for beginners

A nifty theme that is handy for someone who wants some basic control but isn’t hugely advanced and just wants more control over the look of their blog.

iThemes are very good at creating easy to use applications and themes to take the complexity out of running a website and this theme is no different. You Drag’n’Drop, row by row with some basic style settings to get the appearance you want.

  • Drag’n’Drop builder
  • Very basic and easy to use
  • 100+ Builder Themes predesigned that you can customize
  • Light weight & Fast Loading
  • Responsive
  • Starts at $80

If you have never played a hand in designing a website, Builder is the perfect place to start.

Check out / Download Builder here

X – Theme

X Theme

Many say this is “the best WordPress Theme ever” – that’s a bit of stretch but it is definitely a good theme.

This theme operates quite similarly to the Divi Theme with options to customize WordPress through the WP Customizer with a drag’n’drop page builder – only it’s not quite as easy to use and far more expensive (especially for multiple sites).

This is a powerful theme however and a good choice for those whoa re a little more savvy. It features:

  • Extra Theme Customizer options
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Feature Rich
  • Responsive
  • Starts at $65 (one site only)

More information / Download Here


Excellent value for Money

Ultra is Themify’s most powerful Theme on offer and packs a massive punch for its $45 price tag!

This theme has a lot of customizable features that just aren’t available in other themes and is truly one of the best themes on this entire list. You get so much value and freedom with this theme and it’s the cheapest available!

  • Visual WYSIWYG Drag’n’Drop Builder
  • Premade Skins – ready to customize
  • Multiple Layout Options
  • Very Customizable – lots of options.
  • Responsive
  • Unlimited Sites License – personal or for clients
  • Starts from $49 or $79 for all themes

If you’re on a budget this is the theme for you and it is one of the most powerful on this list.  Ultra is a fantastic option!

More Information/Download


The Ultimatum Theme is another powerful way to customize your WordPress website. This theme also has some very specific and diverse options not found in other themes – including a Drag’n’Drop template builder.

It has some solid features to make life easy:

  • Comprehensive Drag’n’Drop Builder
  • Custom Widgets
  • Responsive
  • Starts at $55 for one site / $99 for unlimited
  • License for personal and client sites

More Information / Download


Extra - Drag N Drop WordPress Theme powered by Divi

Extra is built by Elegant Themes and shares a lot of the same features as Divi – with a focus on news/magazine style blog sites.

It has a very nice blog page with various featured areas but is also powered by the same Drag’n’Drop Builder as the Divi Theme but with added features specific to Extra.

  • Extra Theme Customizer options
  • Drag and drop builder same as Divi (view my Divi video series here )
  • Divi Builder (Developer Package)
  • Excellent Customer support
  • Very easy to use
  • Fast loading times despite all the features
  • Custom Widgets
  • Responsive
  • License – use on as many sites you want – yours or otherwise!
  • Bundled with 87 Themes (including Divi) for $67

One top point about this theme is you can access to all of the other Elegant Themes for the same price – including the Divi Theme. This is truly excellent value for money.

More Information / Download

The Core

The Core Theme

The Core is another high value for money theme from Themefuse  which is packed with features and a cheap price tag.This is another perfect example of a theme anyone can use on a budget.

  • 20+ Pre Designed templates
  • Advanced Drag’n’Drop Builder
  • Aimated Sections
  • Mega menu
  • Responsive
  • $49 For Personal use
  • $79 for Developer License – use on clients’ websites

Download Here


Create a ‘Presence” (get it?) with this theme.  I know, my jokes are bad but don’t hate me!

WPZoom’s Customizable Presence Theme has some solid options to create the look you want. With solid Theme Customization options and an array of options you can create just about any look you want.

  • 10 included Demo Layouts
  • Page Builder
  • SEO Optimized
  • Responsive
  • Infinite Scroll Blog
  • Header & Theme Customizer
  • Starts at $69 for Unlimited Domain usage

Download here

Pagelines Platform

Pagelines Platform

So, this actually a plugin, not a theme, and is perhaps on of the most expensive on the list.

Pagelines was one of the first Drag’n’Drop Themes I ever used and they’re still going strong, but now they offer a plugin which customizes existing themes.

Although they have themes built that work perfectly with the plugin also.

Platform extends beyond a customizable theme though, s it has many extensions (both paid & free) to really take your website to any level you want it to.

  • Customizer Plugin
  • Suitable Themes available
  • Massive Library of Free & Paid Extensions
  • Starts from $99 a year

Download Here

Ok, so which is best for you?

That really depends on you, what you want and what your skills are.

There are a lot of variables involved in making a decision like this as every theme as it’s strengths to set it apart from it’s competitors.  That’s why they’re in this list of ‘top’ Drag’n’Drop Themes.

So here’s a bit of a guide…

Best Value for Money? Ultra or Divi

Ultra is the cheapest on this list but also one of the most featured packed and powerful of the bunch.

The learning curve might be a bit more than a simpler theme like Builder, but far superior in regards to what you can achieve with it.

If you were able to stretch your budget a little, I’d aim for Divi though as it is my overall favorite for not much more – plus you get 80+ other themes to try out including Extra.

Best for a total newbie? Builder

Builder theme is the simplest and easiest for beginners to grasp.

The builder has less confusing options for you to choose from so you can quite easily move things around.  The only con with this is that it can be limiting due to the lack of options in comparison to others on this list.

Bets for web designer with CSS knowledge? Thesis

Thesis is by far the most difficult theme to customize the look of – but that is also it’s strength as it gives you the ability to code extremely specifically and customize every aspect of your site.

If you’re a web designer creating WordPress websites for clients, this would be the best choice for bigger jobs with specific requirements whilst one of the other themes on this list would be faster for smaller jobs.

I use Thesis and Divi in the exact same way for my web design business.

Best overall? Divi.

What more can I say about Divi?

I’ve created countless websites in very little time using this powerful theme – plus I have access to all of their plugins and other themes – making it the highest value purchase I’ve ever made for my blogging & web design business.

This theme is also incredibly easy to use and one of the most popular out there, making it very easy to find tutorials, support and information about.  In a perfect world I’d send everyone to Divi first and foremost.


You have the information! Now you’ve just got to weight up the options.

It’s not hard to create and awesome website with a solid customizable theme these days – Drag’n’Drop functionality continues to improve every day so there’s no telling where this will all go in the future – but it’s an exciting time for bloggers

Thanks for reading!  If you’d like to get more tips on improving your website please subscribe!