Ok, so you’re savvy enough to create some cool designs and imagery but not really a web designer or have the skill to customize an existing WordPress Theme… That’s cool, you’re a blogger not a designer. Getting your website designed to the high standard you hold can be expensive if you hire a professional web […] Read More

It’s official, the latest edition of the Divi WordPress Theme, Divi 3.0, is out. We all love to tweak and play with out websites to get them looking sharp. Hours and can be spent trying to get just the right look on certain elements and you can end up losing more time then intended. I’m […] Read More

Ever opened up Facebook to find someone sent you a message 9 hours ago? You really wished you could have responded or at least given them some information about when you’ll be able to chat.  It’s good customer service. The good news is that Facebook now have this feature, and I’ve put together a video […] Read More

If there’s one thing that can be tough when you’re busy – it’s finding time to sit down every day or every few days and update your Facebook page. Quite often it’s a smarter idea to sit down once a week or once a month, and schedule some personalized posts in advance.  This is a […] Read More

So you want to start your website?   Bluehost make it ridiculously simple using WordPress. To install WordPress on Bluehost, I created the video below, further outlined underneath! All it takes is a few clicks, and once it’s set up WordPress is incredibly easy to use. Go to Bluehost now and install WordPress! IT’S THAT SIMPLE! […] Read More

Guest Post by Maggie Sawyer The importance of being structured when running a business cannot be stressed on enough. It is a crucial aspect of every business, regardless of its industry. If you were to skip organization you would immediately be faced with a host of challenges. The market offers you numerous tools that will help […] Read More

Recently, I created another sales site to offer my Martial Arts network a more unique and specific web design service. This website is called ‘Martial Arts Designer‘. It runs on similar concept to this website, offering website packages only this time they’re tailored specifically to martial arts clubs and martial arts themed websites. As usual, […] Read More

For ages I’ve been talking about a separate portfolio to show off my work form multiple places – everything from drawing to artwork as well as professional design work. So I’ve been chipping away at this new site for a few weeks, designing, adding artwork and getting it ready for launch.  Now it’s up! Now it’s […] Read More

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By Catherine Birch Being an owner of a small business, one can’t entrust to super expensive promo companies.  However, this does not remove the question of improving your brand. Luckily, no matter how large your project is, you can be successful with an online contest – the biggest opportunity to get a quality product at […] Read More

Pop ups cop a bad rap. People whinge and say they refuse to use them because they annoy their visitors. But a massive chunk of the most popular websites on the website in the world use them. Because they work.   Pop up Email Opt In’s have a proven track record amongst bloggers to increase […] Read More

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